Anne George

Anne is majoring in Biology with a certificate in Business.  In preparation for a career in medicine, she volunteers at the Parkland Hospital Emergency Clinic in Dallas and is a committee member of Alpha Epsilon Delta (a pre-health organization on campus).  Anne has served as an undergraduate advisory board member for the Dell Medical School of Austin, interned with Texas’s Governor Abbott, and worked with the Texas Women’s Commission to promote STEM education for young women.


Elizabeth Coggeshall

Elizabeth is a senior pursuing a degree in Anthropology Honors and is currently completing her honors thesis in the PMEEL lab. For her thesis, she is working on a project on the gut microbiome of three new world monkey species. Elizabeth has a minor in German and is also heavily involved with the Anthropological Society and the German Club. She is hoping to pursue a graduate degree in primatology and her immediate post-graduation plans include traveling to South Africa to take a field assistant position with Duke University’s Goudveld Baboon Project.