Prospective Graduate Students

Most of the PhD students in our lab conduct research involving a combination of fieldwork and lab work. Dr. Di Fiore is especially interested in working with students with research interests in behavioral and/or molecular ecology who would like to focus on Neotropical Primates. He enjoys working with students from primate habitat countries. More about the PhD program in Biological Anthropology at UT Austin can be found here. If you think you may be a good fit for our lab and are interested in applying to the graduate program, please get in touch via e-mail with a description of your research interests, your background in biology or anthropology, and details about previous fieldwork or other relevant research experience.

Undergraduate lab interns

We are always interested in working with motivated undergraduates who would like to gain lab experience in primate molecular ecology at UT Austin, or who would like to undertake an independent study in the PMEEL lab. If you are interested, please e-mail Dr. Di Fiore describing your interests and your background in biology or anthropology, including coursework and any previous lab work.

Field Assistants

We frequently hire new field assistants to participate in our long-term research projects. When we have new vacancies, these are advertised on the Primate Info Net job board.